Tom Ward

I created path2buy to help the NEW confused generation Y prospective home buyer get a plan and get on the path2buy. My commitment is to help Realtors and Mortgage Professionals assist the New GEN Y renter to get on the path2buy. My team has done months of research on the renter and have determined the 7 and half reasons they are on the sidelines. I would like nothing better than to share these findings with your team and at your next corporate event.

The ability to put yourself in other people's shoes is an extremely valuable resource. Empathy minimizes conflict and promotes prosperity. In business, it creates a better experience for everyone involved -- customers, employees, and management. Customers feel taken care of. Employees feel appreciated and become more loyal and efficient, strengthening the company and making it more profitable. Empathy improves every situation it touches, setting off a chain reaction of positive events that Tom Ward calls The Empathy Effect.