Are you doing what you love most? Are you focused on what you do best?

Growing a personal brand is hard work, and it’s even harder when you’re carrying the burden of responsibility to work on your business while you’re also forced to work in your business. Through Ignite, you can be set free from daily business concerns and management to fully focus on creating life-changing content, speaking, and writing. And more importantly, you can commit to spending more time with your family or those closest to you.

As with many speakers, you may be doing it all on your own: sales, technology, marketing, accounting, events, or trying to manage a staff that is costing you more every year. Having worked with some of the nation’s top speakers, we realize the challenges you face. To help you stick to your core competency, we offer:

  • Speakers Bureau/Client Relations

  • Event Production & Logistics

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Product Development

  • Business Management: Reporting, invoicing, and accounting

  • Book Publishing: Ghost writing, editing, and self-publishing

By working with Ignite, you gain:

  • Peace of mind: We’ve been working with New York Times authors and speakers for two decades

  • Increased revenue & exposure: Whether speaker fees or products, we maximize your passion with sustainable income

  • Freedom of your time and resources

  • Less stress: no more staffing worries or office concerns

  • Trust: We have a proven track record with clients and speakers

  • Full service speaker management company, yet able to offer boutique service

Our commitment is to serve a limited number of speakers by “invitation only.” We appreciate you considering us for representation. You can trust Ignite as together we discuss the options that best meet your needs.