Casey Cunningham

With more than 30 years of diverse retail mortgage banking experience, Casey is one of the most influential and trusted leaders in the industry. A close adviser to prominent executives across the nation, she has the proven ability to lead and transform organizations. Cunningham’s passion for professional standards, education, sales productivity and accountability has empowered professionals across the nation to experience more fulfilling and productive careers.

Casey has served as Executive Vice President of a $4 billion dollar mortgage company and earned recognition as one of the highest-ranking executives in the industry. Since establishing XINNIX in 2002, Casey has recruited and led talented men and women from diverse industries to help XINNIX become the most recognized and acclaimed sales and leadership training academy in the mortgage industry.

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Katey Dallosto

Capisce is Italian for “understand”. Understanding is at the heart of all great relationships. Capisce Consulting was built to create an environment for understanding among clients, associates and great teams.

As founder, Katey Dallosto took her 25 years of business, sales and leadership experience as a national trainer, business coach and sales consultant to help people understand each other better. She has trained over 30,000 sales and leadership professionals over the last ten years. Her areas of expertise include: sales training, leadership development and turning dysfunctional teams into effective ones.

As author of Fortune Cookie Leadership, Katey combines her personal revealing and fun style with a little tough love to help you build more sales and great teams. Over her career, Katey has been responsible for developing profitable relationships by empowering her partners through growth and understanding. Katey utilizes a fun and engaging style to achieve the desired results for her clients with an emphasis on accountability.


Jen Du Plessis

Jen is the Principal and CEO of Kinetic Spark Consulting.  With over 30 years of experience in mortgage lending, Jennifer has been named in the Top 200 Loan Originators in the US over 5 times and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, and on Good Morning America, XM Radio and Federal News Radio. She is also the Founder and CEO of The Kirney Group, Inc., a commercial lending firm and Black Fox Investments, LLC a real estate management company.

Kinetic Spark Consulting, LLC evolved from Jen’s desire to help others in her industry, as well as real estate agents, small business owners and Executives by offering and developing educational training, consulting and coaching. Jen is a highly sought after speaker as a member of the National Speakers Association and is the host of Mortgage Lending Mastery podcast, and she has helped numerous clients achieve their personal, professional and management goals. In every interview, Jen shares strategies for success she has applied in reaching her professional goals every year, while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

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John Israel

Our mission at The Mr. Thank You Project is to elevate the level of gratitude on the planet by 1% by inspiring 74 million thank you cards written all over the world.

This was started by our Founder John Israel, who committed himself to writing 5- thank you cards every day for an entire year. This life changing experience allowed John the opportunity to share his story on National stages, and attracted the attention of news and media outlets such as: PopSugar, Fox News, NBC, Good Morning America, and

As John shares, “Our objective is to help people make gratitude a habit, not just by writing about it in a journal, or "thinking happy thoughts", but by living gratitude as an expression in your life.”

John’s story has been documented in his book, The Mr. Thank You Project: A Journey to Elevate the Level of Gratitude on the Planet, One Card at a Time. Available on Amazon as of May 2018.


Michael J. Maher

Michael designed a system, the (7L) System, based around a philosophy of generosity. He, and those who have implemented the system, have found that a business based on generosity leads to reciprocity in the form of referrals, help, and good will far beyond anything they could ever imagine. As Michael says, “It’s a living worth living. It’s a living worth loving.” After sharing this philosophy and system in the International Bestseller (7L) The Seven Levels of Communication: Go from Relationships to Referrals, Michael with no plans for speaking, coaching, or training was instantly inundated with requests to teach the system. Now thousands upon thousands of professionals see him speak, attend his events, and go through this trainings every year.


Kristin Messerli

Kristin is the Founder and Managing Director of Cultural Outreach Solutions, specializing in helping companies in the mortgage industry better reach and serve multicultural and Millennial homebuyers. Her expertise is in multicultural marketing, Millennial homeownership, and compliance with diversity regulations in the Dodd-Frank.

Kristin is a frequent speaker at national conferences in the industry and has written for numerous publications. In addition to her business, she consults with the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) Consulting Services, and she is the co-author of the MBA’s Section 342 Compliance Essentials Toolkit.

Kristin started her career in the mortgage industry and later worked as a social worker both locally and abroad, training providers on culturally competent practice. Prior to starting her own business, she consulted with former McKinsey consultants at the Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth to develop international social enterprises.


Gary Nielson

Gary has spent his entire professional life developing sales and training programs that work. With over 35 years in sales and management, Gary has assembled a wealth of knowledge and experiences in sales tactics, behaviors, and achievements. Learning through observation, experience, training, and old-fashioned trial-and-error, Gary has learned what makes salespeople successful in nearly any industry.

An energetic go-getter at his core, Gary built his career from the ground up, starting as a loan originator at Citibank where he quickly climbed the ranks to branch manager and regional manager over the mortgage division. Later, as a regional manager with Norwest Mortgage, Gary oversaw the development of seven new offices–from planning to building to managing. For nearly two decades, Gary served as part owner and Vice President over Retail Sales of Republic Mortgage, one of the leading home loan organizations in the western United States.

Gary grew up in Sacramento, California where he developed an intense passion for music and played the drums beginning at age eight. Gary and his wife Stefani are the proud parents of three kids and grandparents of twelve and are die-hard San Francisco Giants fans.


Ken Perry

President and Founder of The Knowledge Coop™  

Since diving into the industry in 1998, Ken Perry has been a relentless innovator in the mortgage and real estate world. His company was one of the nations first training companies to be approved by the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) to provide pre-licensing and continuing education for originators, Ken has had the opportunity to speak to hundreds of thousands of professionals throughout the country on topics including mortgage and real estate compliance, title and escrow laws, economic and industry updates and forecasts, business development and strategy, and social networking and media.  

Ken is madly in love with, and quite addicted to, reading laws. He researches and analyzes every law, rule, and regulation he can get his hands on and has become famous for bringing a unique, not-what-you-expect style of education to his clients by mixing passion and humor with extreme knowledge.


Joe Puthur

Joe, president of Mortgage Coach, has been reinventing the industry’s most trusted selling strategy to embrace the internet and mobile revolution.  

Throughout the past 15 years as a technology leader, in the mortgage industry, his designs have always pushed the envelope of what software and systems can do for mortgage professionals. Joe was the founder and former CEO of Lasso Technologies, a start-up that pioneered bringing Loan Origination Software online. In 2005, Ellie Mae, acquired Lasso Technologies to create Encompass Anywhere, hands down the largest SaaS offered LOS. 

Joe is a seasoned entrepreneur with extensive sales, management, marketing, and technical experience. He has been selected multiple times among the “40 Most Influential Leaders in the Mortgage Industry Under 40” by Mortgage Professional magazine. He’s a passionate leader and a public speaker with the ability to effectively inspire mortgage professionals to tap into their full potential, with a little help from technology – and has more then a decade of success to prove it. 


Rene Rodriguez

Rene is a renowned behavioral and organizational change expert, leadership advisor, world class sales trainer & dynamic keynote speaker.  Rene has shared the stage with the likes of Tony Robins, Lou Holtz, Ben Stein, Roy Firestone and Jeffery Gitomer.

For the last 20 years and over 100,000 people trained in his methodologies, Rene's experience has been bridging the gap in applying behavioral psychology and neuroleadership to solve some of the toughest challenges in Leadership, Sales and Change.  Rene's engaging speaking style backed, by his scientific approach, makes him a top rated speaker at every event.

As an entrepreneur and CEO of multiple companies, Rene brings a practical business approach while inspiring his audiences to take action.

Rene has been named to the 40 under 40 list for 5 years straight and has been a trusted adviser to leadership teams at Coca-Cola, Liz Claiborne, Medtronic, Nestle', Microsoft, Bank of America and Cargill. A captivating, high-energy speaker, Rene is in high demand for annual events, conventions, and keynotes speeches.  He was featured on the Cover of the Niche Report Magazine and has authored dozens of magazine articles about Sales, Leadership and Change.


Dave Savage

Dave, Founder of Mortgage Coach, has over twenty-eight years of experience as a mortgage executive, business leader, and mobile technology pioneer.  By launching Mortgage Coach, Dave has helped tens of thousands of loan officers and millions of homeowners make confident, informed, mortgage decisions. 

Dave is passionate about leveraging mobile technology to help evangelize the Mortgage Coach mission of reinventing the mortgage experience for borrowers, lenders, and Realtors.  Mortgage Coach,  recently ranked 1 of 5 must-have real estate apps by USA TODAY, allows you to connect with families and partners, ensuring a confident mortgage decision can be made. 

Dave is a recognized leader in the mortgage industry for his contributions to improving the professionalism and quality of advice that originators provide homeowners. As a mortgage industry leader, Dave has been a speaker at many major industry events, and before Mortgage Coach, Dave was one of the nation’s top loan originators and President of a national mortgage company. 


Steve Scanlon

Steve Scanlon is the Founder and CEO of Rewire, Inc., a company centered around teaching how the human mind shapes the path to success.His focus is on bringing current neurological discoveries to bear in areas of leadership, management, sales and operational performance, interpersonal communication, improved corporate culture, and personal excellence. Using the concepts of Lizard Brain, emotional intelligence, metacognition and mindfulness, Steve helps companies, teams and individuals better understand how to make effective changes for radical improvement. The ability to effectively manage change can not only improve our personal lives, but can be a powerful competitive advantage in our businesses, and Steve wants to help people understand that authentic and sustainable change is possible, and happens from the inside out. His strength is making the science behind how the human brain works not only more accessible to a broader audience, but also applicable to how we manage our day-to-day lives. 


David Ubeda

David is the founder of MRDEU Global Media, a small digital marketing & coaching firm showing entrepreneurs, small business owners, and heart-centered consultants around the world how to get crystal clear with their niche, scale their business and make an impact in the world.

David has been a featured guest on nationally syndicated radio, podcast and television programs like TBN, WGN, CLTV, PBS, The Strausburg Report, N’Digo Magazine and more.

David is a uniquely gifted national level communicator & author crafting customized messages integrating humor, media, and real-life experiences. He has worked with organizations like the Chicago Bears, NFL Alumni Association, Boys & Girls Clubs, Pro Sports Experience, and featured artists like Tye Tribbett, Veronica Petrucci (Angelo & Veronica), Carmen, Israel Houghton, Freddy Rodriguez, Brandon Roberson, Puchi Colon, Javis Mays and more. 

David is the Host of the popular Life Hacks for Entrepreneurs podcast. 


Ron Vaimberg


Ron Vaimberg is the most dynamic, entertaining and motivating presenter in the industry.  Regardless of whether you want to motivate, entertain or provide some real market insight to your team or association, Ron has the presentation you want and need.

Because of Ron's 25+ years of experience in the  mortgage industry and real life experiences as an elite originator, he has all the resources, real life stories, and personal experiences to deliver the exact message you want for your program.

Find out about how Ron can have a tremendous long lasting impact on your audience that will last long after the program ends.


Tom Ward

Tom is a professional speaker and author of The Empathy Effect who gives keynotes and seminars around the country.  Tom's rags-to-riches story, a rise to wealth and success is one that he credits to the empathy for others which his parents instilled in him at an early age. Tom has a knack to make complex things simple and inspires his audiences to prosper in their own life and business by seeing what's important to others. Tom gives insights how "empathy-based, unique-selling propositions" lead to higher profitability, and the importance of empathy for company culture, leadership, negotiating, and more. 

Tom is CEO and founder of Majestic Consulting and Marketing as well as founder of Path2Buy, a free educational resource created to help people prepare, over time, to become tomorrow's homeowners.