The Ignite leadership has been serving thought leaders in executive capacities for over 25 years.


Matt Emery

"Matt has the passion to inspire and lead teams to exceed organizational goals and profit margins." - Dr. Randy Ross, Author/Speaker

Matt has been working with top leadership and sales training speakers in the U.S. for over 20 years. The experience he has garnered through his hands on approach has given him the expertise to create profitable business models in every market. 


Dennis Worden

"Dennis is driven to add value to any organization he serves. With a servant leaders heart and an understanding of what it takes to generate response.” - Dr. John C. Maxwell, Author/Speaker

Dennis has mastered that art of maximizing non-traditional media and traditional media, resulting in successful marketing campaigns.  Known as a motivated, visionary leader Dennis has experience at building strong and loyal collaborative relationships. He is an outstanding communicator in encouraging individuals and organizations to press beyond mediocrity and rise to excellence.


Greg Teffertiller

When it comes to thought leaders and subject matter experts, Greg has worked with several to help build sustainable organizations built on message clarity, product development, and effective communications and promotion.

Greg has served clients in the mortgage, real estate, nonprofit, technology, manufacturing, professional athletics, consumer products, Fortune 500 retail, media, science, and legal areas.


Melony Cuzdey

Melony began in this role June 2016 and is an invaluable member to the Ignite team. In this position, she provides coordination administrative assistance to the Ignite leadership team and clients. Melony has a varied background in product, event and project management with a little marketing along the way as well. She was involved with the Ignite founders as part of the Maximum Impact Group for a number of years. She has a heart for people, a passion to serve, and considers it a privilege to be part of helping Ignite clients achieve success, whether it’s an event or speaker keynote.