Bob Rathbun

Bob recognizes that meeting planners have many speakers to choose from and that’s why he alwaysbrings it whether he is needed as a keynote speaker, a breakout speaker or an Emcee.   He began as a member of John Maxwell’s Impact team and also served as host of Nightingale-Conant’s “Success Streams” audio series.  These experiences provided a perfect segue into creating his own insightful presentations that inspire and motivate corporate teams, association members, students and educational administrators. Bob’s powerful messages inspire his audiences to discover their own true calling, to trust their own intuition and to develop strategies that will help them create a championship life.

But Bob’s interaction with his clients goes far beyond what happens during his presentation.  Bob always has multiple telephone conversations with the meeting planner which allows him to tailor his content so that the goals of the organization are not simply met but exceeded.  Once he arrives on-site, Bob is always eager to participate in whatever way best serves the client’s needs.  And even before he arrives, he is always happy to provide a blog post, article or other pre-event content that the client may want.

Imagine what your audience members can accomplish after they have identified their own dream and put their own success plan into action.  And imagine how grateful they will be to you for bringing in a speaker that will help them change their lives!

Presentations by Bob 

How to Build Your Brand Through the Media

If you are the ‘face’ of your company or association you need to know how to work with the media. Maybe you’re launching a new company or a new product; maybe you are an authority on an issue in the news and are sought out by the media for an interview.  There are a lot of circumstances in which you may find yourself (and may WANT to find yourself) in front of a camera.  This is the presentation that will teach you how to build your brand through working with the media either as keynote or as an interactive workshop.  

THE 95/5 RULE ~ The Five Secrets of Championship Organizations

We’re all aware of the 80-20 rule. So what is the 95-5 Rule? After decades of working with internationally known athletes, coaches and business leaders, Bob has identified the five traits of the super successful and will show your audience that they have those same traits in them.

Bob has created separate presentations for each of these five rules but he can also incorporate all five rules into one overview presentation. Like all of Bob’s presentations, the 95/5 Rule will be customized to fit each clients’ specific needs. And each topic can be delivered as either a keynote or breakout session and for organizations who really want to delve deeply into the Five Secrets of Championship Organizations, Bob can deliver half-day, full-day or multi-day workshops.


  • Why this vision is more important than a mission statement

  • Understand that this is the starting point for creating your company’s culture

  • The crucial steps of vision formation

  • How to get the buy-in


  • It’s not enough to know just your company

  • What to do before the doors open in the morning

  • Play to your strengths

  • How important a role the leader plays in creating culture


  • Why this is the fuel that drives

  • How this power must be harnessed

  • How much is too much

  • The huge advantage of quiet time


  • Why all the great ones have this

  • The value of the 10,000 hour mark

  • How to trust your intuition

  • The understanding that less is more


  • How to evaluate and rate great leaders

  • How to incorporate this culture into each layer of your company

  • How to develop leaders

  • What kills the winning culture

FAST FORWARD WINNER ~ Put Your Dreams into Action

How to take your great idea, put it into action, and achieve something remarkable! Fast Forward Winner is based on six concepts that help young people to realize their dreams by visualizing them and then taking the steps necessary to achieve them.

SEED DREAM – Making the commitment to honor your higher self

  • Honor that still, small voice within

  • Start to tell your story, first to yourself

  • Honest self-evaluation

  • Belief in yourself

DREAM ACTION – Using your imagination to serve you

  • “I’ve dreamt of being on stage my entire life”

  • Start to find a way

  • Avoid judgment

  • Full Speed Ahead

DIGGING FOR PAYDIRT – The Art of Preparation

  • How to get started

  • Have a system of recording information

  • You must learn how to talk to people

  • Hard work on yourself

EXPERT CONFIDENCE – The Feeling of Knowing What You Are Doing, Thinking, Feeling

  • “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”

  • Discipline of Practice

  • Research and Development

  • Do Try This at Home

20-SECOND TIME OUT – Trust but Verify

  • Learn to trust your intuition

  • Inward, then outward

  • Things won’t change until you do

  • Discipline of attitude

CURVED BAT – Creativity in the Marketplace

  • One. Big. Thing.

  • It happens to everyone

  • The ultimate questions

  • In need of inspiration