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Bearj is More Than a Motivational Speaker, He’s a Transformational Speaker.
— Jack Canfield, New York Times Best Selling Author
OUTSTANDING! Bearj is an expert story teller. I would hire him again and again.
— Justin Schenck, Founder, JuttBug LLC
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Take your life to the next level and read Break Down the Walls to Success!
— Kevin Harrington, CEO, Kevin Harrington Enterprises Original Shark from the Hit TV Show, “Shark Tank” - Inventor of the Infomercial
With Forbes Riley, Infomercial Host and Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank

With Forbes Riley, Infomercial Host and Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank

Bearj Jehanian

Dynamic, Exciting and Engaging, Bearj discovered his love of motivating in his 20’s, after he saw a PBS special featuring the now world famous speaker, Les Brown. He immediately began his journey following the same path. While still a high school band director, Bearj cultivated his love of motivational speaking, using music as the vehicle to inspire the students in his high powered band program to achieve lofty goals.

Living by his own words, Bearj made the bold decision to leave his comfortable job as a teacher and pursue his dream of being a motivational speaker.

Imagine waking up each day…excited, energized and happy no matter what life throws at you. Bearj gives your group the roadmap to create the life you always imagined you should have!

In his high powered talk, “Break Down the Walls to Success,” Bearj will arm your group with the same success tools used by the top 1% of achievers.

  • The Three Pillars of Success: Believe Decide Act

  • How to go from “tryer” to “doer.” How we use the word try to apologize for our failures.

  • How to go from a bad day to a good day in 30 seconds or less, on those days when everything seems to be going wrong.

  • How to reset your attitude for success and positivity even if you don’t think it’s possible.

  • How to feel better about yourself plus simple strategies to become the person you deserve to be!

  • Why You Are Kind of a Big Deal!

**Included with every talk: Up to 100 FREE Books plus optional Book Signing and Q&A.

Bearj is a highly sought-after Keynote Speaker and Workshop Leader who can speak for groups ranging from 20 – 20,000+!  He will inspire, motivate and equip your Leaders and Team to have World Class Success! Bearj believes that Breaking Down the Walls to Success is the key in every area of business, leadership and life.

Three Signature Talks to Meet Any Need

Break Down the Walls to BUSINESS SUCCESS

You wish you could be more successful, but you are blocked by a wall that prevents you from taking the necessary steps to take yourself, your family and your career to the next level. That wall is built from fear, a poor self-image, bad past experiences or more. With humor, energy and wisdom, in his signature talk Bearj arms his you and your team with the tools needed to Break Down the Walls to Business Success.                                  

Break Down the Walls to COLLEGE SUCCESS - Three Skills College Students Must Master Before Graduation!

There is more pressure on students to succeed than ever before. A positive attitude, self-confidence and networking skills are a student’s greatest weapons in facing the paradigm shift when transitioning from full time student to the business world – especially in today’s difficult economy. Bearj’s passion for helping young people shines as he shares the success strategies that will give your college students the tools to succeed in college and into the business world.                                                            

Break Down the Walls to STUDENT SUCCESS

In today’s fast-paced world, students face more pressure to succeed and more pressure from their peers than ever before. Learning to balance how to fit in with how to be successful, while living in a social media fishbowl, is a challenge than many students have a major struggle with. Bearj’s 28 years as a teacher has made him an expert at connecting with students. His practical and simple approach gives student the tools they need to build a foundation for success they can implement right away!