Will Severns

Will wants his time on earth marked by a push for something greater; to be a man of faith, serving as an example of how God uses the lowly to advance His Kingdom. 

"God does not owe me anything in regards to my family, business or future as an author/orator but He, through I believe to be a vocational calling, continues to bring me back to opportunities within my gifting," shares Will. "And I do not want to ignore these calls. To aid as many people as possible in the area of hiding God's Word in their heart is the 'why' behind Membands and always will be."

And if that message can live and breathe while being spoken in front of others, then Will desires to pursue it with his whole heart--even as a man broken and imperfect.

Speaking Topics . . .

Will can customize his message to fit your audience. Just ask!


  • The story of Membands 
  • Importance of storing Gods Word in our hearts, especially in today's world
  • What it means to be so secure in relationship e Christ, you are then enabled to take risk
  • Working with chronically anxious students and families


  • Launching a business right out of college
  • The dark sides of entrepreneurship (comparison, failure, how long it takes) in an age where everyone wants to start something
  • The "Power in Procrastination" and being patient before releasing an idea to the world
  • How to tap into the creativity we are all born with

"Will Severns is a dynamic, creative, passionate and hilarious speaker. Will has a unique gift set. He can be as insightful as a writer and as funny as a stand-up comedian. He has faithfully devoted himself to the less fortunate and, at the same time, forged an entrepreneurial vision. I have personally witnessed Severns' gifts in action with teenagers and young adults in multiple settings. This is a young man who has accomplished so much and is only getting started. Book him for your event today!"

-Shay Robbins
Author of Dangerous Christian: A Brave Heart for a Broken World