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Ted helped me identify my blind spots and perhaps more importantly, he helped me drive these skills through the rest of my management team.
— Courtney Dupree, CEO, GDG Acquisitions, LLC
Thank you so much for the help that you’ve given my company. My employees nor myself would trade the experience with you for anything!
I would “Highly Recommend” your company highly to any establishment that’s just finding themselves on the brink of greatness. Your teachings are good and sound business sense.
— Anita-Kay Martin, MD
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Ted’s insights into what motivates people and his unwavering pursuit of doing what you say you are going to do and his teachings helped me set an example for the employees in our company and has reverberated throughout our organization.
— Scott Koenig, CEO, RLE Industries
With Ted’s direction and honesty, I’ve been able turn an investment in myself into the achievement of dreams far greater than the course I could navigate without eliminating key strategic flaws and developing my strengths.
— Gregory Collier, Investor l Analyst l Author
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Ted Santos has an extraordinary ability to bring out extraordinary abilities in others. He enables business leaders at all levels to exceed their own expectations of themselves and their organizations.
— Stuart Scott, Sr. Enterprise Manager, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

Ted Santos

What would be a breakthrough for your organization?  A breakthrough is something you would like to accomplish.  Except, you don¹t know how with your current resources.  Once it¹s successfully completed, however, it will alter the future of your enterprise forever, in the same way the iPod altered the future for Apple Computer.  When most breakthroughs are initially introduced they appear disruptive.  As a result, many companies avoid them.  Furthermore, when businesses do pursue breakthrough projects, most of those initiatives fail because they exceed time limits and budget.

Because breakthroughs are not business as usual, many companies do not build the challenges of those initiatives into corporate strategy.  And the problems, disruptions, chaos, or breakdowns become insurmountable.  On the other hand, when the entire company is trained to effectively manage the disruptions or breakdowns that are inherent in breakthroughs, staff and management become increasingly more effective and proactive at solving problems, collaborate efficiently and create breakthrough projects of their own. Ultimately, timelines are met at or under budget.

Ted leans on his decades of experience as an executive in various industries, helping others experience breakthroughs.  He has led a transportation logistics company that was growing faster than it could handle.  He stabilized operations in a company that was growing at 40% and incorporated organizational structures that allowed him to increase growth and provide new more profitable services.

He repeated the pattern of stabilization and new growth opportunities of a severely under performing organization in the translation business.  In the first 9 months, revenues increased by 89% because he restructured marketing strategies and aggressively drove sales.  From there he was able to develop new services, by translating the culture of web sites and marketing brochures, that gave his company a competitive advantage among other organizations that only translated foreign languages to and from English.  

Ted Santos, also known as the CEO Whisperer, works exclusively with CEOs of midsize to large corporations.  He earned his reputation by being a skillful executive who mastered the art of transforming adversity into opportunity and rapidly growing businesses that were in some sort of trouble. 

Some of those companies were growing faster than they could handle.  In other cases, he served as an executive for severely under-performing organizations. 

In addition to executive experience, he has traveled the world where he has researched leadership in countries where money was not the competitive edge.  He leveraged that travel experience and worked for a consulting firm that focused on leadership development, transforming corporate culture and innovation management. 

Today, Ted has focused his efforts on CEOs.  He created the Board of Veteran CEOs (BoV) to serve CEOs of midsize to large enterprises.  Through BoV, he hosts roundtable discussions where current CEOs have the opportunity to discuss large-scale challenges with peers and former CEOs of Fortune 500s.  A short list of some of current and former CEOs who shared their experience and knowledge came from Dun & Brad Street, Xerox, Chase Bank, Harrah’s Hotels & Casinos, State Street Bank, New York Stock Exchange, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and many more.  Through forums and roundtable discussions, current CEOs have the opportunity to learn from seasoned CEOs who have been in their shoes and run larger corporations. 

Ted has built boards of directors for clients by using his network of current and retired CEOs.  He served as honorary presiding director to ensure an effective and cohesive board.  He has also served on the boards of a number of not-for-profits. 

Ted attended Howard University as a marketing major.  To this day, he is still an athlete who trains everyday.       


Disruptive Leadership Model

The job of leaders is to intentionally create problems for the company to solve.  When those problems are solved, the organization will have created disruptive technology or penetrated an untapped market.  Learn key strategies to intentionally disrupt the marketplace.     

Learning through adversity

At some point, every organization faces huge challenges.  With an empowering mindset, those problems can serve as lessons that will give your business a competitive advantage.  Learn to distinguish between an empowered and disempowered mindset.     

 How do you benefit from adversity?

In many cases, adversity is avoided.  Yet, adversity can be a building block and catalyst to galvanize and train teams to effectively handle complexity and disruptions.  Develop the mindset that can recognize opportunity in adversity.  

 Leading in chaos or change

Anyone can lead in good times.  Leaders with the greatest impact can stabilize the enterprise and move forward in the face of change or chaos.  Learn the necessary steps that make leaders effective in change and uncertainty.   

Transforming corporate culture

Just because leadership has created a new strategy does not mean staff and management will execute it.  Transforming culture in a way people embrace a new direction and contribute to it is one of the fastest ways to go to market before your competitors.  Learn and develop leadership styles that can align people on new missions.  

Building and leading a team of high performers

Attracting and retaining high performers is the intention of many corporations.  Stretching them beyond what they can do on their own is one way to get the best from them.  Learn strategies to empower people who are already the best.