Steve Shenbaum

WHY game on: We MOVE people.

Since it was founded by Steve Shenbaum in 1997, game on Nation has become one of the most respected firms in communication, leadership, teambuilding, and media training. game on is nationally recognized for working with some of the most demanding and high-profile audiences in the world. With extensive experience training corporations, military, college students, professional athletes and teams, game on creates unparalleled commitment and buy-in, with results that last.

HOW we’re different: We build AUTHENTIC engagement.

When the usual lectures, gimmicks, and trust falls fail to produce results, game on succeeds. Through a groundbreaking, game-based training technique, called MILE™, game on’s program harnesses the power of Mystery, Incentive, Laughter, and Empowerment to help clients create immediate improvement they can see, feel and measure.

WHAT we achieve: We create RESULTS that last.

game on’s innovative curriculum inspires participants to not only CARE about their training goals, but to REMEMBER and apply these interactive techniques to continuously improve. game on’s team of diverse, highly skilled facilitators are leaders in their respective fields, with extensive experience delivering to the world’s most influential audiences.

It’s not about changing who you are, it’s about growing who you are. We believe you have the power to think quickly on your feet, speak with the utmost confidence, and lead through faith and inspiration.

Ready… Set… game on!