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If I were setting up training for my mortgage group, I would want to have an industry veteran like Ron Vaimberg leading the way. Ron is not only a veteran of the mortgage industry, he is an energetic leader who believes in his message. I truly believe that the purpose of education is not to fill their minds with facts—but to light their fire. Ron is a speaker who does just that.
— Dave Hershman, OriginationPro Mortgage School
Ron Vaimberg’s no nonsense approach to origination is what has been missing from the mortgage industry for too long. Most originators are looking for the latest and greatest gimmick to attract business, yet the strategies and skills taught by Ron are the only proven methods for great success that have stood the test of time. Ron’s training changed the focus and attitude of my entire sales team from passive to proactive and the results have been nothing short of amazing.
— Julio DeCardenas, Residential Home Funding
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All of us working in the real estate and mortgage profession have dreams of success and profit. Within each of us exists a passion and commitment to succeed.  Sometimes we lack the knowledge or guidance to achieve our dreams.  Everyone needs help to unleash their true potential.  Find the person who is right to help you and then hold on for the greatest ride of your life because your life will be everything you ever imagined it could be.
— Ron Vaimberg
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Ron Vaimberg

Ron Vaimberg is the most dynamic, entertaining and motivating presenter in the industry.  Regardless of whether you want to motivate, entertain or provide some real market insight to your team or association, Ron has the presentation you want and need.


Ron began his career in the real estate business in 1983 and a professional agent working on the North Shore of Long Island, New York.  Possessing  little knowledge about real estate, and freshly receiving his real estate license, Ron jumped into residential apartment and housing rentals.  Although Ron did very well in the rental arena, he always had his sights set on being a top residential sales specialist.  Primarily self-taught, Ron advanced his career as a top residential listing and sales agent in the upscale area of Northport, New York, one of the premier North Shore water towns in Suffolk County.  

After working and succeeding at a very young age as a real estate professional, Ron was presented the opportunity to join a major local bank in the New York metropolitan area as a loan officer.  The manager that recruited Ron knew of his sales expertise as an agent and was confident that his sales skills would transfer over to the mortgage business.  As the manager had correctly speculated, Ron's sales ability and skills made it possible for him to succeed as a professional mortgage loan officer at a very high level in an incredibly short period of time.


As Ron's successful journey in the sales mastery of mortgage loans progressed, all the while he kept his real estate practice going.  Eventually it came a time where Ron needed to make a decision as to which business he was going to commit to as a career.  Ron decided to give the mortgage business his complete focus and his success and income skyrocketed even higher.  As Ron continued to study and hone his sales and marketing skills his income continued to grow and grow.

After having been a loan officer for a number of years as well as being promoted to office and sales manager, In 1994 Ron decided to go out on his own and open up his own mortgage company within the New York City limits.  Ron specialized in low to moderate income lending.  At the time very few lenders were providing financing to borrowers that had less than a 20% down payment.  Ron carved his niche in being one of the few mortgage brokers in the nation that specialized in offering loans with down payments as little as 3%. Ron's accomplishments in this area of lending were so high, that he was asked by an executive board member of the New York Association of Mortgage Brokers to personally meet and speak with Rick Lazio, whom at the time was a Congressional Representative for the State of New York, to discuss his success with low down payment loans and how they were positively impacting the minority community in which Ron was serving.


In 1995 Ron was approached by a competing area mortgage company and asked to speak to their loan origination staff about how to succeed as a loan officer.  Having never conducted a formal training program in his life, Ron created his first success presentation. The program was a huge hit with the group and that was the catalyst for Ron to begin transforming his career from mortgage company owner to professional trainer, speaker and coach. Ron started being requested to speak at more and more lending institutions and his passion for speaking and training continued to grow all the while he kept his mortgage company operating.

Realizing that there were virtually no success training programs for loan officers, Ron created and founded The New York Mortgage Institute In 1997.  His sole focus was to teach loan officers how to succeed at the highest possible level.  The programs presented covered mortgage 101 all the way up to advanced marketing and sales strategies.  Since at the time, there were only a handful of companies in the entire country that were offering loan officer training, Ron quickly became one of the most sought after mortgage trainers in the nation spending over 150 days on the road per year presenting his success programs.

As his mortgage training continued to grow, Ron realized that the same gap in training existed within the real estate arena.  Ron quickly began adding real estate success programs to his portfolio of offerings.  Ron changed the name of his company to Ron Vaimberg International, Ltd. to broaden his marketing appeal.  As with his mortgage training, Ron quickly built a successful real estate training and coaching program with clients across the United States.

Today Ron works exclusively in his private coaching program with a select number of top sales professionals from some of the nation's largest real estate franchises, mortgage bankers, and national banks.  Unlike most other coaching programs in which you work with lower level coaches, Ron conducts all of the coaching himself as he does not believe in a one size fits all coaching platform. 


Every sales professional has their vision on how they would like to succeed.  Ron's unique ability to identify his clients strengths', weaknesses, and untapped opportunity assets is what has enabled him to guide his clients to rapid unprecedented sales growth.  Ron's claim to fame is that he makes success easy.  Ron touts that succeeding at the highest level is easy once you understand how to leverage your skills in the most effective way that is in line with your core beliefs.  Too many sales professionals attempt to succeed going against what they believe in whereas Ron shows his clients how to tap into their greatest success resources, enhance their skills where needed, and then implement everything all together in a complete aligned system and methodology that works with his clients core values and skill set.