Matt Emery


"Matt has the passion to inspire and lead teams to exceed organizational goals and profit margins." - Dr. Randy Ross, Author/Speaker

Matt has been working with top leadership and sales training speakers in the U.S. for over 20 years. The experience he has garnered through his hands on approach has given him the expertise to create profitable business models in every market. 

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Dennis Worden


"Dennis is driven to add value to any organization he serves. With a servant leaders heart and an understanding of what it takes to generate response.” - Dr. John C. Maxwell, Author/Speaker

Dennis has mastered that art of maximizing non-traditional media and traditional media, resulting in successful marketing campaigns.  Known as a motivated, visionary leader Dennis has experience at building strong and loyal collaborative relationships. He is an outstanding communicator in encouraging individuals and organizations to press beyond mediocrity and rise to excellence.

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Jessica Lalley

VP of Strategic Relations 

Jessica is an advocate for Speakers, Authors and Thought Leaders by connecting them with people and places of influence bringing their voices to reach the masses. 

It’s my business to represent Ignites dynamic speakers and authors at a personal and professional level. I expertly match them with your organization that is thirsty for rich, intentional content aimed at professional and personal growth. Whether your event is next month, next year or you’re looking for some fresh ideas and inspiration, I’m happy to spend some time getting to know you.


Laree Lindburg

Inspirational Speakers

Dennis Worden, Ignite co-founder and Laree Lindburg have partnered together over the years to serve Christian authors and speakers. Now, Ignite Speakers and Signal Speakers come together as strategic partners to bring today's Christian communicators to your organization or church.

As the owner of Signal, Laree has her fingers in most everything. She works diligently to assist those with skilled voices and solid messages to share their wisdom through paper, media, and microphones


Melony Cuzdey

Executive Assistant - IgniteEventPros

Lending her enthusiasm to every task, Melony coordinates and helps the event planning process run smooth.  Serving not only in event planning but also support to the Ignite speakers and leadership team.  Prior to Ignite, Melony worked as an event planner and a product resource manager for The Maximum Impact Group.

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Julie Shaffner

Sales Associate - Ignite Speakers

Representing speakers well requires a personal, proactive approach. Julie brings her experience and intentionality to the Ignite team. She works with Ignite clients and thought leaders to multiply opportunities for their unique voices to be heard.

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Jeff Dunn

Executive Agent and Consultant
Jeff has more than 40 years of experience in mass media, including radio and television broadcasting, magazine and book publishing, and media (print, broadcasting, digital) sales. Throughout his career Jeff has worked with notable authors and speakers, including national sports figures, business leaders, entertainment celebrities, and top industry experts from a wide range of organizations. As Ignite’s Senior Sales Agent, Jeff has 16 years as a teacher at the high school and college levels, and written or ghostwritten 13 books. Jeff brings to Ignite a lifetime of experience and best practices for the ideal speaker and sponsorship representation.


Natasha Cozart

Executive Agent and Consultant
Natasha works with Ignite clients to find the best talent for their events, whether they are corporate, nonprofit, association, government or educational institutions. She excels at big picture strategy, helping clients create a fully integrated event plan that goes beyond just picking an individual speaker for a slot.
Natasha is an author and speaker herself, as well sales and marketing professional, with an extensive background as a digital marketing expert. She brings a myriad of skills and talents to IAG working with new and existing clients and speakers.

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Laura Relyea

Social Media Guru
Laura is a writer and editor in Atlanta, Georgia. Her essays, reviews, poems, and features have been published in Oxford American, The Bitter Southerner, Thought Catalog, Monkey Bicycle and elsewhere. Her book criticism has been published in PASTE, Fanzine, and Vouched Books. Relyea received a BA in Telecommunications and Creative Writing from Ball State University.


Wendy Emery

Event Manager
Wendy brings a unique combination of event management, sales, marketing, and customer service to Ignite. She has 20 plus years of experience working with major events for the John C. Maxwell companies, and The Duncan Group. Wendy finds it inspiring to be a part of Ignites mission to provide quality service and peace of mind for all of our event clients. You’ll find no one that better personifies the Ignite commitment to genuine care and integrity in all we do than Wendy.


Gayle Worden

Business Manager
Gayle serves our clients and speakers as Ignite's Business Manager. Most recently Gayle served as an account manager for Zondervan Publishing and The Story Project. Prior to that Gayle worked with the John Maxwell organizations, EQUIP and INJOY, in sales, customer service, and account management.