Michelle Discavage is a poised speaker who will deliver “real talk.” With a sense of humor, heart of gold, and sincere motive her speaking style will hit home with your audience and they will leave impacted for the better... just like at the Launch Out Conference.
— Randy Langley, Launch Out Founder
Michelle has an incredible gift for delivering God’s truth. She is relatable and totally hilarious. When she speaks it’s like you’re just having coffee with a long-time girlfriend. Her words bring strength, comfort, encouragement and wisdom. She is truly anointed.
—  Tracy McGee, Founder of All Your Heart Ministries

Michelle Discavage

Michelle is the author of Unnamed Women of the Bible: Lessons of Value, Belonging, and Worth. She is a speaker and a Certified Life Purpose Coach.

Now, doesn’t she sound amazing? Michelle's response: "Let’s be honest, most days I am the captain of the hot mess express. I lose my temper, and my keys. I doubt my abilities, no, I doubt everything. And, I question how God can and will use a mess like me."

Through her book, speaking, and as a life purpose coach, Michelle is able to encourage and equip women to discover their God given purpose. For many years, she did not feel like she measured up. While she walked around with a smile on my face and was often found laughing, in truth, she believed she was a failure. Negative words spoken to her when she was younger planted lies in her mind.

However, the day came when those lies no longer served Michelle, and she was exhausted from striving and trying to be deemed worthy by everyone she met. Michelle began to renew her mind (Romans 12:2), and stopped hiding the gifts and strengths God has given her.

Now, she embraces her mess, and praises God for his grace and mercy. And, she invites other women to do the same. Michelle desires to come alongside women as they seek truth in their own lives, and build a community of women who can admit they do not have it altogether.

"Life does not have to be perfect, and neither do we. God has a plan and a purpose for us all."


  • Professional Certified Life Coach, Life Purpose Coaching Centers International®
  • Advanced Certificate in Christian Life Coaching, Light University
  • Member, American Association of Christian Counselors
  • Member, International Christian Coaching Association


  • Overcoming Lies: How our beliefs affect our work, our relationships, and our lives.
  • Am I Enough? Why success doesn’t mean we have to have it all together.
  • Who Am I? Why knowing our gifts, strengths, and purpose matters.
  • God-Given Strengths and Gifts: Why knowing how we are created matters.
  • Unnamed Women of the Bible: Why recognition does not equate to value.
  • The Power of Words: Our words speak either blessings or curses. We need to choose well.
  • The Power of the Mind: Taking every thought captive and renewing the mind can change our lives.
  • Thankfulness: Finding beauty in the broken, and how to be thankful in all things.
  • Overcoming Adversity: In our weakness, we find our greatest strength.
  • Mistaken Identity: How the expectations of others limit our lives.
  • Mindset Matters: How to renew your mind to live a more purposeful life.
  • Rise Up: A call to be different, and to make a difference.
  • Learning To Say No Without Regret: Why we should stop trying to do everything.
  • The Power of Yes: How saying yes to the right things can make all the difference.
  • To Lead, We Must Serve: Why the best leaders are the best servants.
  • Find Your People: The value and need for community.


Michelle is a very engaging speaker. When she speaks you can feel the energy in the room rise. I heard Michelle speak at Launch Out Conference in Atlanta and loved the way she presented her topic in a very creative and storytelling way. She puts a lot of power behind her words that reaches every single person in the room. I highly recommend Michelle as a speaker, as well as a coach.

  • Isabel Hundt, Professional Coach (ACC), Speaker, Author, Global Presence Ambassador, World-Visionary

    Michelle is one of the most gifted, engaging speakers I have had the pleasure to hear. I own & operate one of the largest teacher training schools in the world, and have listened to thousands of student presentations as part of our curriculum, as well as attended regular continuing education courses/conferences worldwide. I would put Michelle up there among the best!

    • Debra Hennesy, E-RYT 500, CPT Feel Your Best Teacher Training School (Parker, CO)