Lori Twichell

Words have power. No one understands this better than Lori Twichell. For more than 20 years, Lori has been writing in the entertainment industry in a variety of ways. From her beginnings as a copy writer and then radio personality, Lori then moved her career into film publicity and marketing. Starting out on one of the largest theatrical faith releases, Left Behind. Running national radio promotions at over 2500 stations across the country, Lori had no idea that this was going to be the start of a long career in the entertainment industry.

In 2006 Lori started her own company, Beyond the Buzz Marketing. Since then, Lori has worked on countless films and television shows including everything from small independent features to breakout box office hits. Not content to only work in film and television, Lori is also the owner of two professional review websites that have become noted high-end influencers across both faith and mainstream publishing. Due to this, Lori works with every major publisher in the country and many best-selling authors.

In 2014, Lori’s life took a few sharp turns. With a feature film in production, doors began opening to some potentially life-changing career opportunities for her.  Then Lori received stunning news. She had a very unusual form of cancer in her tongue. Shortly after her diagnosis, Lori underwent surgery to remove a large portion of her tongue. The rest of that summer was spent undergoing more than ten surgeries on top of chemotherapy and radiation. Due to the severity of the treatments, Lori was unable to eat for over a year and for a time, it was uncertain as to whether she would even be able to speak again.

Nowadays, Lori is a living testimony to God’s grace and provision. With a fully redeemed life, Lori is back to work creating, writing, and pitching new television shows and films. When she isn’t homeschooling her kids or working, Lori also travels the country motivationally speaking and teaching screenwriting, marketing, and encouraging up and coming young writers. Lori is a living testimony and her story has encouraged, supported, and impassioned people around the globe.

Prepared Messages

  • Book Marketing/Promotion: What Authors Need to Know 

Many first time authors assume that getting picked up with a traditional publisher means they don't have to do any marketing/PR work. That's not true. In fact, social media has created an atmosphere where the author is more and more important in their own publicity. What should authors expect that they will need to handle for the book release? Also, how can authors create a marketing plan that dovetails with the publisher's plan instead of worrying who will be in charge of what. 

  • Marketing for Self-published or Indie published authors  

When you publish with a traditional publishing house, they set the tone for the marketing and publicity. When you are working with a smaller boutique press or on your own, that flips everything upside down.  In this seminar, authors will learn what elements are essential to marketing, fresh ideas to get buzz moving for their books, and what sort of timeline needs to be in place for the most effective marketing and publicity campaign. 

  • Page to Screen / Screenwriting

It's the dream of many authors to see their book turned into a film for either the big screen or television. In this session, Lori Twichell will talk candidly with writers about what to expect when their book has been optioned, why some adaptations are so different from the source material, and how the author can best stay involved in the filmmaking process. 

  • Book Reviewing

When a book has been published, everyone hopes for a good review. Not many stop to think that reviewing books could be a valid way to establish yourself in the pubiishing industry. In this session Lori Twichell (owner of FictionAddict and Radiant Lit) will teach writers how to leverage book reviewing to help raise their reputation in the business and also how to approach bloggers and book reviewers for the best results. 

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