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“Kevin Clayson is the ultimate motivational speaker! He is sharp, entertaining, and relatable! he delivers a powerful message that changes your entire perspective! - Courtney W, Rodan + Fields

“Since I started to use Kevin’s ideas and strategies my happiness has increased tenfold and my perspective has broadened significantly.” - Timothy L, Network Marketer

“Thank you, Kevin, for giving me your Philosophy. It may sound corny, but I am a completely different person. I look at things from a totally different perspective now!” - Trisha D., Investor

“I owe so much to Kevin. Since I’ve learned from him Inow tell my patients about his message and it instantly lifts their mood!”      - Lauren B, EMT and Firefighter

“Kevin’s book and the principles he teaches have opened my eyes to the wonders around me, assisted me with finding positive aspect in all situations I get involved in, and it’s making my life more more pleasurable.” - Greg Z., Realtor

Kevin Clayson

International Keynote Speaker, successful business owner and entrepreneur, and bestselling Author, Kevin Clayson, known as The Chief Officer of Awesome, will provide your group with a once-in-a-lifetime, powerful, entertaining, and motivational experience that is guaranteed to produce lasting, and REAL results.

Kevin's incredibly high energy, is perfectly balanced and blended with laugh out loud comedy, and inspiration that will have your audience tearing up in more ways than one.

Kevin's message is guaranteed to inspire your people through stories of real life experiences as a husband, a father, a multi-million dollar business owner and entrepreneur and the world's ONLY Chief Officer of Awesome!

5 REASONS Meeting Planners Love Booking Kevin Clayson:

1. Life-Changing Stories: You audience will discover a greater potential to live a more fulfilling and joyful life through Kevin’s incredible and entertaining stories. Kevin’s stories are memorable, relatable, and pure enjoyment.

2. Inspiring Speaker: Kevin has an unforgettable message and speaks from his heart. Audiences are captivated by his mix of emotion, humor, and storytelling. You will laugh, cry, and cheer.

3. Transformative Message: The ideas and techniques Kevin presents, will have your audience will creating impactful and lasting change immediately. Kevin has the unique ability to bring out the best in organizations and individuals alike.

4. Proven Strategies That Create Results: Kevin’s clients experience massive results both personally and professionally. His strategies have been proven time and time again over the last decade, and they are backed by plenty of research and case studies.

5. Massive Value: When you book Kevin you get:

·         Valuable information (Your group will receive information that provides real and lasting value)

·         Action Steps (A Practical Philosophy that can be used immediately for an improved life, and increased results.)

·         Lasting Impact (Kevin’s presentation focuses on results that will last a lifetime)

·         Useful Strategies and Solutions (Relevant to your groups challenges, needs, and goals)

·         Easy to Work With (Kevin will be the easiest speaker you have ever worked with.)

Kevin’s Most Requested Talks:

FLIP The Gratitude Switch - Be The One A Simple Formula To Change The Trajectory Of Everything

By far Kevin’s most powerful, life changing, and requested talk. FLIP the Gratitude Switch is a talk based off the groundbreaking book by the same name. Kevin teaches the simple 4-Part FLIP Formula that has been proven to increase joy, improve life fulfillment, and massively amplify contentment in the workplace. This talk is GUARANTEED to change lives.

Leave Them Better Off – The Most Important Catalyst To Changing Your Culture

Have you ever wondered if a single suggestion could shift an entire culture inside of one hour? This talk will deliver the catalyst that does that exact thing. Kevin shares the most straightforward and easy notion that is guaranteed to have an immediate impact of your organization’s culture, and a trickle down effect that will equally benefit your customers without waiting.

Be The One

The power to be “The One” resides inside of each employee, each team member, and each person. This talk fosters tremendous creativity and productivity while delivering the 3 ways to think differently, the 3 ways to act differently, and the single phrase that is guaranteed to create game changing results by teaching each person how to become “the one”.

Decisions Determine Destiny

Kevin teaches your audience how small individual; daily choices are responsible for results. Whether in sales, in customer service, in product development, or in personal relationships, Kevin demonstrates how long-term, powerful results are created inside of moments. Kevin teaches what to do inside those individual moments that will make all the difference.