Ken Perry

Coop Camp: Compliance Policy Writing Boot Camp

If your policies are feeling a little thin, or if you’ve been working with template policies that don’t quite match up with your business, come join us for Coop Camp. Whether you’re a small company or you have 100 branches, we can work through the challenges together. Led by our National Compliance Director and supported by our Compliance team, this is policy writing in a small group setting with time for lots of Q&A, discussion, and sometimes even a sea breeze in beautiful Maui. Offered a few times per year, this Boot Camp is three to four days long and is an amazing chance for supported policy writing. Think you’d rather work one on one? We can do that, too. Check out our Compliance Consulting.

Coop Tender: Custom Policy Training

If you’ve got policies and procedures ready to go but the idea of shooting videos makes you cringe, don’t sweat it. We do this all day long! We can transform your policies and procedures into custom video training delivered to your people as monthly series inside the Coop. Our monthly training schedule is designed to build a solid compliance foundation. Once we add your company specific training, you’ve got training in the bag. Now you just need a Roof Top to make sure your employees are putting your policies into practice!