John Mason

For more than twenty-five years John Mason has been and continues to be a popular speaker throughout the U.S. and around the world. He’s spoken to audiences of 50 to 15,000. He’s addressed national corporate functions, special banquets, graduations, Sunday morning church services and many other venues. Each audience leaves encouraged and ready for ultimate success.
With a unique speaking style, he delivers memorable stories, humor, meaningful one-liners and heartfelt sincerity. The speaking topics presented below are just a few of many that have received great response. He can also tailor-make his messages for your individual needs. 
When you invite John Mason you’ll find answers to important questions, laugh and always leave inspired to take action. Get ready to take lots of notes!

Speaking Topics

  • An Enemy Called Average. Attack mediocrity in every area of your life, gain victory over fear, associate with the right people. Don’t end up doing what you do second best.

  • Don’t Live Within Your Means. Talk with people smarter than you, ask questions of those more successful than you, listen to those more spiritual than you, lend a hand to those less fortunate than you…don’t stay where you are. Know your limits, then ignore them.

  • Let Go of Whatever Makes You Stop. Never, never, never quit. Persistence, commitment, and endurance win.

  • You’re Born an Original, Don’t Die a Copy. How walking in your uniqueness takes you places you couldn’t otherwise go, opens doors that never would have opened, and brings you the highest levels of satisfaction and success. If you’re not you, then who are you going to be?

  • You Have to Have a Dream to Make a Dream Come True. How to do what you love. “Without a vision, the people perish.” Finding your right dream and making it a reality.

  • …and many other great topics!


“John Mason has spoken at our Church several times. He is always hard-hitting, humorous and delivers power points that are great ‘walk-away nuggets’ you can add to your daily life! He gives great strategies for success that our business leaders utilize.”
– Pastor Paul Endrei, Church on the Rise, OH

In my 25+ years of pastoral care I have found few itinerant ministers I would endorse without equivocation — John Mason is one. John is an outstanding communicator and champion of the everyday man or woman. His speaking style is engaging, entertaining, and meaningful. Without fail, people leave John’s sessions inspired to live purposeful lives. This is one speaker you will want to have back again and again. I highly recommend him!
— Ed Gungor, Pastor, Professor, and New York Times Best-Selling Author. New York, NY.

These powerful ‘nuggets of truth’ are awesome food for the soul. Get ready to blow the lid off of limited thinking and create your own recipe for unlimited happiness and success.
— Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul.