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Testimonial from Terese Bittingham - Keller Williams Group

John Israel

When businesses grow, disconnection is inevitable. It might be key salespeople with their clients, or leadership with their teams.

When we scale, love and connection don’t matter less…they matter MORE.

John Israel spent 17 years in Direct sales, sitting down with over 10,000+ prospects face to face, running hundreds of recruiting interviews, and 1000’s of hours training sales people-customer service agents-and corporate leaders, and scaling sales teams that still exist 10 years later.

 How do you work with large numbers of clients, employees and make sure people feel heard, honored, respected and valued?

That’s what John Israel answers in his interactive keynote.

In 2016, John took a year of his life, for a personal social experiment that turned in to a world-wide phenomenon, AKA The Mr. Thank You Project.

In this Project, John committed to handwrite 5 thank you cards every day for 365 days (that’s 1825 letters of appreciation in 1-years time). While the handwritten card is not new, John did it in such a way that attracted the attention of major news outlets such as: ABC News, Fox News, TEDx, PopSugar, and

The stories and lessons from that mission have been shared thousands of times, and reached millions of people, and inspired a MOVEMENT (seen at

After being asked to share his inspiring story on stage at TEDx, John has been a sought after speaker for companies, sales organizations, and non-profits who want to grow and stay connected with those that made it happen (key clients, employees, investors, stakeholders).

Speech Title's:

Mastering the Art of Human Connection

Learn the innate psychological needs that clients and employees will never tell you...but will keep them loyal 

  • How to build relationships that generate referrals (with out bugging people)

  • The Simple Process to connect with ANYONE

  • And…how to utilize your business to make an impact on the world.

 The Emotional Lifecycle of a Client

  • Learn the Psychological reasons why good clients leave, and how to prevent it

  • Uncover simple strategies to influence client behavior to support your companies goals while creating the best user experience 

  • Deconstructing the client on-boarding process to garner loyalty and actively generate referrals

  • Leave with a plan to create positive client or employee engagement in your business.

Book John for your next event, and your audience will thank you for it.