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Joel Epstein

Joel has a unique perspective on stress and confrontation in the workplace. His 17 plus years of experience in owning and managing businesses; in addition to; recruiting and motivating thousands of employees puts him in a class by himself. Joel gives a strategic, step-by-step, nuts and bolts plan that anyone can understand and implement on a daily basis to reduce stress and conflicts in the workplace. He presents these tools and strategies in his signature style that is dynamic, personable and entertaining.

Joel Epstein is an expert on the topic of ego. He teaches a set of principles that deal with the various sides of ego in the workplace. In addition, he teaches how to harness the ego's explosive power to your advantage, in any situation. Joel takes a subject that is known to intimidate most people, and breaks it down to non-threatening and easy to understand terms that anyone can use on a daily basis to reduce stress, conflict and disagreements.

Joel has a natural gift that allows him to connect with people on a very personal level. He tailors his workshops and presentations to suit the needs of his target audience.


  • Keynotes – Powerful presentations that inspire and motivate the attendees.

  • Consulting – Strategy planning to increase your sales volume.

  • Workshops – Tailored programs designed to help your team grow.

  • Coaching – One-on-one sessions to maintain growth and keep you motivated.

  • Executive Mastermind group facilitation – Stream lining systems, implementing strategies to increase monthly revenue, and tackling internal operational conflicts.