Jill did a fantastic job - there was a lot of interaction with her - She really gave us her heart and provided a good discussion topic. I personally enjoyed the substantive nature of her presentation. She provided great biblical references along with noting contemporary authors.
— Erin O’Donnell, WINGS event organizer 
Jill Hart is a passionate and humble communicator who desires to glorify the Lord and minister to women. She has an authentic and genuine presence, along with a sense of humor that allows the listener to quickly relate to her. She is a prepared and knowledgeable speaker who makes herself relatable to any audience. Jill is an entrepreneur and a leader to many women.
— Holly Timberlake, Faith-Westwood Church

Jill Hart

Jill Hart founded Christian Work at Home Ministries (CWAHM) in 2000 to assist other Christians who desire to work from home. She is the author of the devotional book, Do Life Different, co-author of So You Want to Be a Work-at-Home Mom, and contributed to eight other publications.   

Jill completed her master’s degree in Professional Counseling and serves as a substance use and mental health therapist in the Omaha area. She has articles published in In Touch Magazine, P31 Woman magazine, and Focus on the Family’s Thriving Family, as well as across the web on sites like DrLaura.com.

Speaking Topics . . .

All talks can be tailored for your audience; Jill is happy to put together a talk specific to your audience/event.

  • Do Life Different - Based on her devotional book, Do Life Different… this talk challenges the listener to consider what changes their heart mind need to find peace in this busy world.  
  • Get Your Life Back - Not long ago I found myself at a crossroads. I was overwhelmed, overweight, over-committed and over-it-all. I was fed up with life and with my own choices. Something had to change. This talk shares a little about how I gradually made changes and reclaimed my life and how others can do the same. This talk challenges listeners to consider:
    • How to re-evaluate our lives with brutal honesty
    • How to recognize what need to change
    • How to take the first steps towards a new life
    • How to keep ourselves going even when times are tough
    • How to celebrate each small victory
  • Finding Yourself in the Seasons of Life - This talk asks "Where do you look for your identity?" Change is the only constant; life if full of transitions. It can begin to feel like the moment we settle into one season, life demands we adjust to a new one. This talk discusses the "seasons of life" and challenges the listener to consider that we ultimately find our identity in Christ.

Endorsements . . . 

“Just want to say that Jill was one of the best speakers at the NWG conference, in my opinion: very knowledgeable but also easy to listen to. I vote we give her a larger block of time next year to talk about not only her computer expertise but also about having your own business at home - I’ll bet she has lots more to say on the topic!” 

~Carol Wessing, event attendee

"Jill, You were fantastic! We loved having you join our group this morning! Thank you for speaking!"

 ~Melanie Lyons, St. Andrew's United Methodist Church