Ignite Platforms is all about turning your expertise as a speaker into income.  We’ve been doing just that for more than two decades with great success.  Ignite Platforms can help build a lucrative speaking business with multiple income streams and do it with integrity and ease.

Being a great author doesn’t turn you into a marketing or product expert; being a compelling speaker doesn’t turn you into a competent writer; being a great coach doesn’t convert into creating a salable system. That’s where you’ll need Ignite Platforms.

The Ignite Platforms 7 Step Process:

As a thought leader we'll get you noticed in a very crowded speakers world. You can't spend enough money or buy enough advertising to rise above the crowd of speakers and speakers bureaus. With the "Ignite 7 Step Process" we'll build and manage a social media platform, as well as traditional media marketing when required, that will ignite your product sales, speaking engagements and brand as a thought leader.

Ignite Platforms Product Services:

When you’re an expert you want as many people to get your message as possible, whether that’s from the platform, in a training room, by reading your book, watching your online videos or DVD’s, or attending a webinar.

  • Books - ghost writing, book editing, and publishing is available  www.kingranchcommunications.com
  • Creating professional online video learning products
  • DVD Videos
  •  Audio Programs
  • Subscriptions Programs
  • Ignite coaching to increase product sales

Product sales feed your speaking engagements; your speaking engagements feed your product sales which in turn feeds your speaking engagements. The more your products get out there the more you’ll get opportunities to speak.

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