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Vital is a gift. He has an amazing POV on creativity + team development. His energy is infectious and his advice is actionable and inspiring.
— New York Times best-selling author and former Yahoo Executive, Tim Sanders
Vital was awesome. If you need a workshop that will inspire your team to “stretch out” and be authentic and creative, contact him immediately. Best team building session I have ever participated in. Great 2 days!
— University of Phoenix, Dennis Bonilla
My team was super happy to have you during our meeting. VERY INSPIRING! Thank you so much.
— Marisa Belfort - MICROSOFT

Vital Germaine

Vital is a Belgian National with a British accent, born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, who got to live the American dream by way of a French Canadian circus.

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He was team captain performed for over 5 years in Mystere and the US tour of Quidam. Vital values and implements the many leadership, culture and team dynamics lessons he learned during his time in the global icon of entertainment and excellent Customer Experiences.

Vital's strategy to strengthen and inspire sound leadership is customized to fit the specific needs of each of our clients and the dynamics of their culture. His focus is on maximizing the qualities of each individual leader by promoting effective communication techniques and listening kills, and implementing a leadership by example attitude that promotes collaboration and elevates employee engagement. The result is leadership by which a team thrives, profits increase and customer experiences are elevated.

The ultimate purpose of the leader is to inspire his team to achieve a common goal with greatness and efficiency.

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leadership | creativity | teamwork | culture | Customer Experience

His unique, impactful and memorable style of delivery captivates and inspires, stimulating relevant paradigm shifts that elevate Customer Experience and sales.

Before becoming a consultant and keynote speaker, Vital owned an entertainment production company for 8 years.

Transformational and experiential corporate workshops, trainings and keynotes designed to disrupt, inspire and empower people and organizations to reach higher and fly without a net.

Vital has worked with the following to name a few...

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