We are very grateful for the sales training that Gary Nielson provided to our sales team. .. As the sales leader for the company, I highly recommend Gary to any company that is looking for quality sales and leadership training.

-Travis Burke
Corporate Sales Manager, Morgan Pavement

Having worked as a sales manager under Gary’s leadership, I can vouch for his sales acumen, effective communication, and incredible heart.  I use his Action x Frequency = Success formula every week to great results. His true talent as a leader, however,  is that his deep passion for the success of others is evidence that he truly understands the power of servant leadership.

-John Schaff
Vice President, Mortgage Lending Division, First National Bank Alaska


Gary Nielson 

With over 35 years of experience in sales and management, Gary has seen the highs and lows of sales processes. Providing his own personal brand of storytelling, Gary engages audiences with anecdotes and observations of some of the greatest highlights and the most frightening disasters in sales and management.

Catering to the needs of your organization, Gary can adapt his engaging, interactive style in whatever format is most appropriate. From stage presentations to interactive, round-table workshops, Gary is an expert at grabbing your sales teams’ attention, and keeping them engaged.

Having experienced sales from all angles, one of the key features Gary promotes in his meetings is the importance of company loyalty and support of top management. Gary will research your company to understand its greatest opportunities to ensure that your team is getting the specific insight you want.

Presentations & Keynote Addresses

If you’ve got an upcoming event where you need a focused sales or management presentation, Gary can draw from decades of experiences and adapt it to the theme of your event. Presentations are typically 60 – 90 minutes, depending on your needs.

Question & Answer Sessions

Sometimes the best way to engage a sales or management team is to let them ask an expert the specific questions they face everyday. Put your sales teams or managers in a room together, and let them ask Gary the tough questions. You may be surprised at how productive a conversation can become and how Gary can ultimately motivate your teams to thrive, regardless of their challenges.

Custom Workshops

Working with teams as small as 10 – 12 or as large as several hundred, Gary can adapt all- or half-day workshops (or even multiple-day events if that suits your needs) on sales and management training.

Gary has the ability to teach marketing and people skills in a way that makes you excited. I found Gary to be energetic, and somebody you wanted to be around and learn from. This man knows how to motivate people and has so much knowledge he should be writing motivational books.

- Char Golay
Branch Manager, Academy Mortgage

Corporate Trainer, Republic Mortgage