…Ellis demonstrates that this difference comes from having the character and courage to do the right thing. A must read for all leaders.
— Dr. J. Phillip London, Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board – CACI International Inc
The latest book by Lee Ellis titled Engage With Honor tackles one of the most important challenges that we face in life and business – accountability. This book can change your life and your leadership at home and in the marketplace.
— Arlin Sorensen, CEO and Founder of Heartland Companies

                      The Worldwide Launch of 'Engage with Honor' by Lee Ellis

In his book Engage with Honor, Lee provides valuable lessons in leadership learned from the world’s toughest ‘leadership lab’, The Hanoi Hilton. Another great read by my old friend.
— Gene Smith, Former Vietnam POW; Past National President and Chairman of the Board, Air Force Association


- Cox Communications
- Duke Energy
- Bath Fitter
- AT&T
- Assn. of General Contractors (AGC)
- Matrix Resources
- West Point, US Military Academy
- Illinois Assoc. of Chiefs of Police
- US Air Force Academy
- Association of Executive Search Consultants
- National Association of Corporate Directors
- Northwestern Mutual Insurance
- Wells Fargo Investment Advisors
- GA Assoc. of Manufacturers
- REX Healthcare
- National Assoc. of CEOs. (NACEO)
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- SAS - San Antonio Shoemakers
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- Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
- American Healthcare Association

Lee Ellis, CSP

“Lies chip away at our freedom as individuals and as a society. Truth is the cornerstone for liberty, justice and a prosperous, free society. We should make it our highest priority." – Lee Ellis

Thank you for learning more about speaking opportunities with Lee Ellis. 

Over forty years ago, America welcomed home Col. Lee Ellis and his fellow prisoners of war. When Lee got out of the Hanoi Hilton after 1,955 days of captivity, there was a stark realization that society had shifted while he was away. Honorable values and morals had declined in politics, academia, entertainment, and our homes. This issue has been a burden ever since his return and he has consistently taken a stand for strong personal values such as character and courage as a means for building healthy organizations and culture that produce long-lasting results.

With the release of his latest award-winning book, Leading with Honor: Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton, Lee has brought new light to the subject of honor and values. Through his research, writing, and speaking, he now shares his story and leadership wisdom throughout the world. Your audience will hear about the dramatic story of Lee’s POW experience and the senior leaders that led them through unbelievable trials. They will be challenged and inspired to lead with selfless honor, integrity, and character as the foundation for their daily decision-making. Breaking free from the shackles of fear, shame, pride, and self-preservation is the key to authentic leadership, and it’s a call to Leading with Honor.

Lee is available to share his 40+ years of experience and expertise, and his biography of experience in a variety of industries provides a well-rounded perspective for your industry or event. 

Keynote Presentation Topics

Leading with Honor®Lee shares his story of being captured and held as a POW in Vietnam for over five years and the leadership principles that helped him and his comrades return home with honor.

Using the POW story as a vehicle, Lee adapts his message to the needs of the client/audience. Recurring themes in all of his presentations are courage, character, communications, and knowing yourself to be authentic. Typically, he will highlight two or three of the lessons from the fourteen described in his award-winning book, Leading with Honor: Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton to fit the client’s desires. 

Topics related to his subject matter experience and expertise include -

  • Organizational Development

  • Behavioral Assessment and Development

  • Team Building and Development

  • Hiring, Firing, and Retention

  • Succession Planning

His past clients include Fortune 500 senior executives and C-Level leaders in telecommunications, healthcare, insurance, energy, IT, automotive, military, and not-for-profit sectors.

Audiences | Venues

  1. Business/Corporate

  2. Healthcare

  3. Innovation/Thought Leadership

  4. Military/Government

  5. Faith-Based/Non-Profit

  6. Utilities/Public Safety

  7. IT/Technical


  • Leading Yourself

  • Know Yourself

  • Guard Your Character

  • Stay Positive

  • Confront Your Doubts and Fears

  • Fight to Win

  • Bounce Back—Be resilient

Leading Others

  • Clarify the Culture

  • Over-Communicate the Message

  • Develop Your People

  • Balance Mission and People

  • Build Cohesive Teams

  • Exploit Creativity

  • Treasure Your Trials and Celebrate Your Successes

  • Free the Captives