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“Conquering Life’s Curves” is the story of Ed Hearn’s life; one of courage, faith, and motivation, written to encourage others to overcome challenges and experience fulfillment in their own lives. “Conquering Life’s Curves” shares principles applicable to everyday human experience.

After three successful kidney transplants, and thousands of dollars of medication each year, Ed Hearn has come back to live a life that is truly an inspiration to all those around him. 

"Conquering Life’s Curves" will give you a new outlook on life and what it takes to reach those goals which seem so impossible to achieve.


Ed Hearn

Ed was once best known for his spot on the 1986, World Series Champions, New York Mets roster. Today, Ed is a dedicated father, author, and motivational speaker. He believes in, and has experienced, the power of courage, faith, and determination in the face of life’s most difficult challenges. 

Ed played 13 years of Professional Baseball before his promising career came to a sudden end as the result of a severe shoulder injury. Three months after starting a new career, Ed was diagnosed with three potentially life threatening illnesses. He fought these conditions with strength and determination surviving three kidney transplants and a battle with cancer.

Ed has become one of this nation’s most highly sought after motivational speakers. In 2001, he became the first professional Major League sports athlete from the United States to receive the prestigious Certified Speaking Profession designation from the National Speakers Association. As the author of “Conquering Life’s Curves: Baseball, Battles, & Beyond”, Ed has appeared on hundreds of national radio and television programs including: The Oprah Winfrey Show, The 700 Club, and MSNBC. 

Ed resides in Shawnee, KS with his wife, Trish, and their son, Cody. Ed is very active in various community activities as well as his church and spends countless hours of his time with the youth of Kansas City. In his spare time, Ed enjoys hunting, fishing, and golf.

All proceeds from Ed’s book sales and speaking go directly to support the goals and vision of The Bottom of the Ninth, a Kansas based non-profit founded by Ed that is dedicated to rebuilding the spirit and character of this nation. 

Messages Topics . . .


Prepared Keynotes . . .


From the Penthouse to the Outhouse and BACK

To Ed Hearn, Conquering Life’s Curves is more than just the title of a speech. As a professional athlete, he achieved a level of success that most can only dream about. He put in years of blood, sweat and tears to make that a reality. But, shortly thereafter, life changed.  Ed has taken some of the worst knockdown pitches life has to offer, and he has not only survived, he has thrived.

Today, we live in a culture that is besieged by constant change.  As individuals, companies, and as a country, we face curves that can quickly knock us out of the game of life. In times like these, is your “team” steeled for the challenge or hiding out in the break room? Who are they focused on?  Champions don't think about their own batting average... they don’t think about the fans hollering and screaming in the stands…they think about the prize...the team goal of winning the World Series. 

It is paramount that we have a strong game plan in place that gives us the best chance to turn these curves into homeruns of success and significance. Ed Hearn has been there, done that.  Who better than to “coach” your team? Which of the topics below would enhance the productivity and synergy of those in your organization?

  • We must stop stopping.
  • We are not defined by our past, we are prepared by it.
  • How to develop a panoramic perspective.
  • How to think outside the __________ (no, not “the box!”).
  • How success is different from significance and why it matters...
  • How and why significances breeds success…
  • How the things I do today could affect someone’s forever.
  • How significance will make a difference in their personal and professional lives…


Been There--Done That!


Anyone who has never been a patient or a caregiver battling serious chronic or acute health issues cannot possibly comprehend the hardships associated with these roles.  Ed Hearn has had the unfortunate but unique opportunity to experience both first hand.  A former major league ball player first sidelined by injuries, he was then immediately struck down by kidney failure and multiple chronic health conditions that often left him too weak to care for himself. And just when he thought he had earned his professional status as a patient, his 17-year-old son, Cody was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer. 

Your audience will learn:

  • How to turn life’s curves into homeruns
  • How humor opens the heart to healing
  • How to tap the power of Perspective
  • How to move from compassion to empathy
  • How pain and suffering can be the stepping stones to the top.


The Key that Opens ALL "Boxes"

In baseball, the bottom of the ninth inning never takes place unless the game is tied or the good guys (the home team) are behind. Today, amidst a culture of constant change, the foundation of our great country is being shaken to its core by greed and self-centeredness.  Enticed by the allure of “achievement” and self-gratification, we can easily lose sight of our highest calling – being SIGNIFICANT.

The clock of time is winding down…now is the time for all Americans to step up to the plate, focus on "the team" and "Think Outside...the SELF."

Your audience will be called to action by:

  • The treasure island of giving
  • We are either givers or takers
  • Being more than you feel.
  • The view from the stands or in the dugout won’t do it.
  • You can’t gain the perspective needed to start hitting homeruns unless you’re in the batter’s box.
  • Tapping the Power of Choice - recognizing and positively reacting to deception.
  • The compounding strength of synergy
  • Our dreams for tomorrow require our preparation today.
  • The things we do today will affect someone’s forever.

**Topics and take-a-ways from this program and all Ed Hearn’s programs are established according to the goals and objectives of the meeting planner and group leadership.