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“I highly recommend Dr. Jason Richardson. He doesn’t just talk the talk. He engages his clients in walking the walk; following through within the framework of THEIR real-life experiences. He gives practical and real-life help.
— Nicole Abaté Ducarroz
Dr. J understands the pressure of top performance, has lived a worldly life, and is a champion himself. Beyond those amazing qualities he is very funny and easy to relate to. Bottom line is that belief in myself and my abilities have won so many titles. Dr. J ensures I keep myself in an open state of mind to keep checking off boxes so that I am able to stand at the top of em:)
— Jill Kintner, Olympic Bronze Medalist

Jason Richardson, PsyD., MBA

Jason is known for wit, wisdom, and rubber-hits-the-road way of delivering the application of psychology for success. His original material draws from his Experiences as a laborer on his dad’s construction sites, his years as a professional athlete, and his formal education in business and psychology. This unique blend of experiences produce high-energy messages that bring in his listeners and provide Jason with opportunity to relate to individuals in the audience on a personal level that resonates with everyone. Many people say things like, “How would he know that?”, or, “He read my mind..!”

Jason is often called to work with the world’s Best BMX athletes as well as deliver his blend of Gold Medal Mindset and Winning Ways to entities such as: Transcend Creative group, Audi, Lexus College, Young Presidents Organization, and Cycling Sport Group. Jason also lends his talents to Non-Profit organizations such as The FreeWheel Project, Blue Apple Ranch, and San Diego Center for Children.

Jason is the primary author of “It’s All BS! We’re All Wrong, And You're All Right!” with two corresponding Mental Training Courses, “Gold Medal Mindset” and “Winning Ways”. Jason engages his audiences and commands their attention through insights, interactive participation, and story. Audiences leave his programs with the Mindset, Skill Set, and Tool Set to achieve success in business, sport, and life.

Live Happier | Play Better | Win More

Dr. J Rich's original content draws from his 15 years as a pro athlete and his formal education in business & psychology. He literally reverse engineered his own successes and failures as an athlete, then cross-referenced and researched the principles that worked best as they apply to your business, sport and life.

Speaking and Training:

Jason produces high-energy messages and engages his audiences with interactive participation and purposeful storytelling. There are no wasted words, time, or physical activity. EVERYTHING said and done at a presentation is for the explicit benefit of the audience and/or the company.

  • Athletic Team Workshops

  • Athletic Team Talks

  • Employee Engagement

  • Team / Office Dynamics

  • Creating Corporate Team Mission / Vision

  • Professional Development

  • Motivation / Morale Improvement

  • Corporate / Team Culture shifts