Dr. Nico is a Healthnut master, and he lives and breathes well-being... Eat better, live better and refuel better. Nico helps you take your health into your own hands, with flavor and with love.
— Dr. John La Puma — NY Times Bestselling Author, Host of Lifetime TV's "ChefMD"
Shows you exactly what you can do to lose weight, sleep better and have more energy — all day long!
— Brian Tracy — World Renowned Author, Speaker, Consultant
David shares clear systems for being as intentional about success in your health as you would expect in business.
— Dan Miller - NY Times Bestselling Author
His enthusiasm for sharing the Healthnut way — a lifestyle guided by informed choices that enable physical and spiritual vitality — shines...
— Michael Roizen, MD Four-Time #1 NY Times Bestselling Author

David Nico, PHD

David Nico PhD, is the Catalyst to Equip Leaders with Dynamic Strategies to Enhance Well-Being, Professional Effectiveness, and Organizational Profitability. 

As a bestselling author, communicator, entrepreneur, growth accelerator, and strategy coach, David will capture and speak to the heart of your event. He will invest quality time to make the most impact for your audience. His desire is for participants to not only learn valuable insights, but walk away with Transformational Action Steps

"Dr. Healthnut" did not develop healthy habits overnight. He has experienced both triumph and tradegy like everyone, and has participated in unhealthy habits before understanding that Lifestyle Is Real Medicine. Having been diagnosed with Kienboch's Disease with constant pain for years prior to a progressive healing, he compassionately understands the journey of transformation is filled with highs and lows, all throughout life

It is vital he connects with every audience on a deeper level. That's why David believes Communication without Transformation is Misinformation. David will target your event to hit your goals overtime

Partner now with a passionate advocate who creates a positive and uplifting experience and believes his calling is to make our world a healthier place to be

When David Nico Communicates...Hearts Listen, Mindsets Shift, and Lasting Change Occurs.

The Corporate Bottom-Line

David Nico will discuss how executives and corporations can maximize the bottom-line. Productivity losses from sick days people take becomes a domino effect when Sally is out and Mike has to make up her work. 

Studies show unless employees are taking care of themselves with diet and exercise, an employee can cost the company and society up to $36,000 per person in medical costs and productivity losses. That is up to $30 million for a company of 1,000 employees. 

Learn top keys on how to get employees to perform at a peak level to do their job. Healthy employees and less stress at a cellular level make any company more financially profitable.


Lead Whole

In Lead Whole, "Dr. Healthnut" addresses the keys to healthy leadership:

  • How to lead an abundant life of vitality

  • How to nourish body, soul, and spirit

  • How to maximize self-leadership

  • How to create a sustainable legacy

  • Healthy leaders must learn to be whole, so they can lead whole.

  • Healthy Habits. Happy People.

The connection between healthy habits and happiness is increasing exponentially. Organizations desire to improve performance, productivity, and profitability. A positive culture with the right practices and techniques benefits all stakeholders.

In this engaging talk, "Dr. Healthnut" highlights:

  • The benefits of laughter therapy

  • How to reduce negative stress

  • Healthy foods to energize your people

  • Top fitness and health techniques

  • How to have a positive outlook at work

  • Healthy habits yield happy people. Happy people lead to healthy lives.

Boost: The Single Most Effective Way To More Energy

In Boost, Nico presents the simple system to increase your energy levels and eliminate the 4 global health risk factors that lead to diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. The objective of life is to experience a constant flow of energy that nourishes, sustains, and repairs your entire being.

"Dr. Healthnut" breaks the stubborn health myths and reveals the keys to look and feel your best while enhancing career success.

Thrive: How To Navigate The Maze Of Health Fast

Worldwide, it is estimated at least 2 billion adults and children struggle with their weight which increases the risk factors of the top lifestyle diseases. This is tragic and preventable.

Pulling from his experiences, David Nico, who is a certified wellness coach and media personality, shows why what we put in our mouth ultimately transforms into how we feel and look.

In Thrive, "Dr. Healthnut" explores:

  • How to break negative habits

  • Healthy vs unhealthy trends

  • The 3-step solution to achieve any health goal

  • Help your team navigate the maze of health and wellness now.Generation Health: How To Profit From The New Consumer Mind

Generation Health

In Generation Health, "Dr. Healthnut" shares the 5 best ways to meet the new consumer demand for healthy living:

  • Why the cultural shift to wellness is driving a "hunger" for clean food

  • The 3 most strategic keys to engage the consumer market

  • How savvy organizations maximize wellness growth opportunities

  • How to capitalize on shopping psychology and influence buying decisions

  • The most effective ways to engage and inspire multi-generational consumers

Now is time to build bridges, heal the culture, and reach multiple generations with a message of hope.