Dane is an enthusiastic and energetic speaker. He shares his passion for running and life in a way that challenges and inspires all. His presentation is well suited for those ranging from experienced runners to those who have not begun their running career!
— Tammy Massie, President, Food and Drug Administration Statistical Association
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Dane Rauschenberg 

Dane is the extreme athlete who successively ran a certified marathon every weekend in 2006- 52 in total. Dane's endeavor was part of a fund-raising effort which benefited the Mobile, Alabama chapter of L'Arche Internationale. In addition to his 52 Marathon adventure, Dane uses his marathon feats to raise funding for various organizations, charities and programs.

Accordingly, Dane has quickly become a sought-after motivational speaker for not only marathons and races of all distances, but also for schools, universities, corporations and businesses nationwide looking for someone to create a spark. Given his background as a Golden Gloves Boxer, former CIA officer applicant, attorney, and entrepreneur, it is easy to see how his speeches fit into so many different venues.

Dane's speeches cover details such as:

• The impetus behind the idea to run 52 weekly marathons.
• Anecdotes from his running career around the globe. 
• The importance of fitness in all aspects of our lives. 
• Always striving to be a better person.

His goal is to inspire people to give their all, regardless of what their "all" may be. More than just an advocate for running, Dane's talks are the get-up-and-go, kick-in-the-pants speeches which come straight from the heart. Dane helps people realize that without effort, nothing will happen. But with the right attitude, there are few things which can stand in your way.

Dane’s interactive seminars in the ING Runner’s Nation Lounge at the ING Miami Marathon Health & Fitness Expo were inspirational, engaging, and funny! Runners and non-runners alike can’t help but be motivated by his entertaining stories from such a tremendous journey and accomplishment.
— Adam Ragsdale, ING Sponsorship Manager

Whether it is to improve as an athlete, do better at your occupation or excel as parent, sibling or friend, Dane provides inspiration to take those first steps and take matters into your own hands!