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- DA Davidson
- Equity Capital Markets
- Rocky Mountain Trauma and Emergency Medicine Conference
- AXS Group / Corporate Clients
- Iowa Bankers
- Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
- American Dermatological Association, Broadwater
- Colorado Association of Ski Towns
- Y.P.O
- Tyco
- Chrysler
- The US Navy (USS Nimitz)
- Denver Board of Commercial Realtors
- The Vail Symposium
- SOS Outreach
- Norman S. Wright Mechanical Equipment Corp
- University of Colorado’s Alumni Directors Club
- University of Colorado Film School, Vail Resorts
- University of Denver Alumni Program, Panorama - Orthopedic and Spine Center
- The Colorado Public School System, Colorado Ski & Snowboard Museum
- Lake Eldora Sports Program
- Colorado Ski Country Hometown Connections, along with over 400 public, private and Charter Schools. 


Chris Anthony

Chris is a Colorado native, University of Colorado graduate and longtime Vail resident.  For a good portion of his life Chris has competed at an international level in both cycling and skiing.  For more than 27 years, Chris has traveled as a member of the Warren Miller film team as both an athlete and host of the nationally acclaimed film tour.  During his career Chris has free-lanced for several publications, co-authored a guidebook, commissioned and wrote a screenplay, and hosted and produced several television and film projects.  Chris has been booked for hundreds of speaking engagements and started a consulting and guide business. He has also volunteered thousands of hours for a number of charitable organizations and along the way, raised over a million dollars on their behalf prior to building his own youth outreach project that has impacted over 70,000 students to date.

Chris has received a number of accolades, some of which include being named Youth Ambassador for the State of Colorado in 1991 by the sitting Governor, which sent Chris on a cultural exchange to the prefecture of Yamagata, Japan, and in 1997 Chris was appointed to the Colorado Speakers Bureau.  One of his prouder moments was receiving the 2014 St. Jude Children’s Hospital Sarah Burke Spirit Award for his work with youth. In 1998 Colorado Ski Country named Chris the spokesperson for their 5th & 6th Grade Passport Program. The Passport Program served as a platform for him to design his own school-mentoring curriculum now operating under the Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project. 


Dealing with Peer Pressure and Group Think Dynamics:

A very entertaining multi-media presentation with a wonderful lesson entangled in the story.  The topic hits close to home for both children and adults alike.  Both populations deal with an overwhelming amount of peer pressure.  The balance between conformity and individuality is a fine line to walk while maintaining group function or maintain friends amongst your peers.   From the playground, to the office, who we are as a personality can sometimes be surrendered.  It is hard to hold onto our core values and maintain discipline, common sense and integrity amongst a group made up of various personality types while undertaking a task as a team.

Chris utilizes a moments during a Warren Miller film shoot where he let his ego and the pressure of the moment cloud his judgment.   He looks to the audience to help him break it down this case study so next time he makes the right decision.   While the audience learns from taking part in this exercise.


A historical documentary Anthony appears in as well as helped to develop as a producer with Warren Miller Entertainment and the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Museum.  The story of the United States first winter mountain troop infantry unit. The Army’s WWII 10th Mountain Division (1941-45) covers their impact on World, American and Colorado history.   The story spans from 1939 to current day and really touches on how the group of men and women overcame obstacles, as part of the “Greatest Generation” This award-winning film is amazing.

A Geographical, Cultural and Scientific journey around the planet:

Chris Anthony has traveled extensively with the Warren Miller Film Team. Enabling for him to have exquisite film stock and stores from those adventures. This talk provides material that will transport the audience from their seats to a variety of geographical regions around our planet and visit a variety of cultures and environments.

The Long Cold Walk:

A journey into North Western China to the boarder of Mongolia to track down an ancient civilization of skiers. Rock carvings found in this part of the world dating back 5,000 years show records of an ancient society that skis.  What makes this unique is that a number of descendents are alive and living the same way as their ancestors.  Chris and the Warren Miller crew trekked into the Altay Mountains to find this group and document it.

A Journey through the Years:

Chris Anthony has been skiing for the cameras of Warren Miller Entertainment for 27 years. During that time he has worked with some of the best cinema photographers and athletes in the industry.  He has also had the opportunity to visit a variety of location on the planets.

  •  Ecuador — Climbing and skiing 19,300 foot on the Cotopaxi Volcano.
  • Iran — Traveling into the Middle East with a team skiers and cameramen to climb, ski and experience the Islamic culture of Iran.
  • Kazakhstan — Traveling into the former Soviet Union to ski, climb and experience the culture.
  • Norway — Skiing at night above the Arctic Circle in the middle of night.
  • Bridgeport Nevada U.S. MARINE CORP — Chris, with a group of four other freeskiers, was inserted into active training with the US Marine Corps at the winter training facility.
  • The USS Nimitz, aircraft carrier (Location unknown) – Used a comical segment that is connected to a crazy event in Alaska, the Arctic Man competition.
  • Alaska – Participated in and filmed the Arctic Man competition.
  • Italy / Slovenia – The Northwestern portion of Italy and the Julian Alps.
  • China / Altay – “The Long Cold Walk” The crew went on one of the most epic journeys a Warren Miller crew has ever taken into northwestern China in search of an ancient tribe of skiers.
  • Colorado/ 10th Mountain Division – 2012-13 segment. A look back at the winter division of the Army’s Greatest Generation and their impact on the current ski industry

“The destination becomes secondary to the journey”.